Mini Rolitoboy



The circle is now complete with this Rolitoboy little brother!
MIni Rolitoboy is a 2.5″, 11pcs ABS figure full of love.
A few versions were released :

- Mini Rolitoboy clear mind

- Mini Rolitoboy clear mind black.

- Mini Indian Girl ,Taiwan exclusive for the World Vision charity project.
She’s dressed like an Austronesian, the original settlers of Taiwan.

- Mini Rolitoboy cinqneuftriplezero French Kiss serie, blind box collection.
12 Delicious designs by 12 talented French & friends artists including 123Klan, Chick, Danyboy, Kant1, La Chienne, Mr François, Run, Stan & Vince, Superdeux, The Pit, Yuck.

2- Photo by AltS
3- Photo by Toylife