Rolitoland Safari & Ned Zed



The Rolitoland family is growing!
The serie consists of six sets of 2, 2.5″ Rolitoland inhabitants figures
including one secret part each.
You can build a mini Rolitoboy montone with all the secret parts.
- Green T & Savage Sally
- Ice T & Mister Felony
- Tohu & Bohu
- Jean Paul & Jean Pierre & Spicy Henri
- Mayo & Little Sarah
- Lord Hunter & Disguised Henri
Ned Zed the wise hunter, is a big rabbit with a gun (beware!) that come with a Rolitoland safari 2.5″ mini figure that can fit inside his head.
There are 5 versions of Ned Zed :
- Ned Zed Blue/Colette Paris
- Ned Zed Pink version
- Ned Zed Red/Artoyz SG Paris
- Ned Zed Roscoe Diamond  by 123Klan
- Ned Zed Roscoe Diamond Preview exclusive by 123Klan

2- Photos by AltS